Regulation for E-Book of the summer

  1. Contest holders The contest "Summer Moods-eBook 2019" (hereinafter referred to as the "Contest") is sponsored by
  2. Participants Anyone can participate at the Contest.
  3. Exclusions The texts not written in Italian and all those not in accordance with the Articles 4 and 9 must not participate at the Contest.
  4. Admitted works Just the eBooks written in Italian and uploaded on (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") from 01.09.2019 until 01.11.2019 will be admitted. The texts must have a length between 5 and 30 folders.
  5. Duration The Contest will last two month, from 01.09.2019 to 01.11.2019.
  6. Object The most downloaded eBook from the Website will be proclaimed winner. The download counter installed on the Website shall prevail. The results of the Contest will be notified by e-mail and published on Writing's Home social profiles and on the Website home page in a week.
  7. Awards The most downloaded eBook will win a professional editing. The edited work will be send to the winner 30 days from 02.11.2019.
  8. Costs The Contest, in accordance with the Writing's Home values, is completely free.
  9. Application To apply at the Contest you must upload your eBook in pdf on the Website (you have to specify "Summer Moods-eBook contest 2019" on the description field). The uploaded eBook not in accordance with the preceding paragraphs will not participate at the Contest.