We wish to inform you, pursuant to art. 13 of D.Lgs. June 30, 2003, No 196 (Law on Protection of Personal Data) (hereinafter: the "Act"), that: The personal data (hereinafter: the "Data") are collected directly from you.

  1. The data, which will encompass a photographic portrait of your image, are processed by (hereinafter the '"Company"). The treatment will happen in the area of the publication activity of the contents of which the "Terms of Service", exclusively for the purpose of your identification, as a comprehensive but non-exclusive when decides to enter into a contract publishing, art. 7.3 "Terms of Service", with you In this regard. We inform you that the data collected concern only facts relevant to your identification.
  2. Please note that the provision of data is necessary in carrying out the activity referred in the previous Article 2.1 and therefore the possible failure to issue the data or any refusal of the consent at their handling, would render impossible at the Company the publication of the Content.
  3. In relation to the stated purposes, the processing of data will respect the rules, by hand tools, computer and telematic as well as by telephone, with logic strictly related to the same purposes, however, to ensure the safety and confidentiality of Data.
  4. The data are intended for use in the Italian territory and abroad.
  5. The "common" Data , which will not be disclosed, may be disclosed to:
    1. Police, military and other government agencies, in fulfillment of obligations imposed by laws, regulations, Community law or any other international treaty, in case the law does not require the consent of communication;
    2. Consultants of the Company;
    3. Associates and / or controlled by the Company, as well as companies, trusts and / or other legal entities in which the Company is present as a member;
    4. Companies, corporations, governments, individuals or anyone who is interested to put their ad in your Content;
    5. Anyone be interested in publishing his Content.
  6. In relation to the disclosures required by Article. 5.1 (except for the first hypothesis of communication), the law requires your consent. Any refusal to consent at the mentioned communications would has as a consequence of to permit at the Company only the accomplishment of the operation that do not provide such communications.
  7. In relation to the processing of your Data, we inform you that according to Art. 7 of the Act, you have the right, as an "interested party" to exercise the rights provided for in that articles.
  8. The holders of data are Dr. Luca Zambonin, born on 02.26.1984 in Desio, resident on via verdi 3/c Nova Milanese, C.F. ZMBLCU84B26D286M, and Dr. Diego Giubertoni, born on 03.09.1984 in Varallo Sesia, resident on via alla campagna Varallo Sesia, C.F. GBRDGI84C09L669W.
  9. The authentic text of this information is written in Italian, non-binding translations of this information may be predisposed to the sole purpose of facilitating the understanding of them.